Made to Order Lampshades, in different sizes starting at £27.99 available at Etsy
Clematis Muted
Shadow Leaves Pink
Gerbera Duck Egg
Dahlia Mulberry
Clematis Sage
Gerbera Plum
Foliage Mauve
Blossom Ivory
Japanese Anemone Hot Pink
Clematis Blush
Paxos Petrol
Quatrefoil Prussian
Gerbera Summer
Diamond Geometric Teal
Chrysanthemum Cluster Hot Pink
Chrysanthemum Lime
Detailed Dragonfly Rubine
Delicate Blossom Lilac
Butterfly Blue
Echinacea Mulberry
Islamic Geo 12 Teal
Shadow Leaves Ivory
Detailed Dragonfly Duck Egg
Paxos Viridian
Gerbera Red
Cherry Flowers Fawn
Cats Sky
Nursery Flowers Smoke
Chrysanthemum Cluster Mulberry
Quatrefoil Mulberry
Ladybird Mulberry
Summer Garden
Rose Stems Ivory
Foliage Ivory
Butterfly Pink
Cream Chrysanthemum Duck Egg
Paxos Lemon
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