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Care Label or no Care Label, that is the question

December 22, 2017

I've been in a bit of a quandary with regards to my care labels. The trouble is, when ordering care labels the minimum order is 500 and obviously this comes at a cost.


Now I had originally wanted to have colour coded labels to go with the different products and each product is made of a different material and requires different washing instructions but this proved just too expensive. 


So I have decided to continue using the woven label for just the logo and website and will include a 'care card' in with every product that I sell. This way I can change the colour of the care cards and instructions with each of the products at a much reduced cost and won't be left with excess labels. 


I'm hoping that my customers find this acceptable and I just couldn't give up the lovely woven labels completely! Thank you to GB Labels for providing them.


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