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January 10, 2018

I was debating whether or not to advertise my designs and if so, where? 


Before l made the jump into surface pattern design regularly visited a blog called 'Print and Pattern' written by designer Marie Perkins. It is all things surface pattern design and extremely informative. I noticed that there were there were little squares down the left hand side of the page with the names different designers with their logos and patterns, including some who are well known.


I looked into it further and saw that I could advertise in one of these squares for a reasonable fee. My only problem was that the square is only 140 pixels square, making a bit of a challenge. I wanted to convey my style, my business name so that it was legible and what I produced.


I eventually settled on the image shown and hopefully it achieves all that I had hoped. However what it really great is that you can change the image if you want, what a great idea. You can see the blog and of course my ad at the link below.

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