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My most successful seller in my retail space at the Malt House Emporium are my lampshades. In my Etsy shop, my most viewed items are my lampshades, but people just aren't buying them. I would love to understand why this is but unless l ask them, I am unlikely to find out.

I was listening to an Etsy podcast last night and they were listing some of the search items that their customers use, so l have just spent a few hours going through the keywords/tags for all items in my shop, just over 100, adding some of these pertinent keywords. I'm hoping that this will bring more people to my shop and that they in turn will buy more of my products.

I am extremely passionate about my designs, l don't think there is anything out there that is the same. I also don't think there is anywhere else with such a variety, in that l think my brand is unique, l just need to spread the word.

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