Margaret originally studied advertising and promotional graphics back in 1986. Many years later she took a diploma in interior design and worked in the retail side for a short while.  This reinvigorated her passion for graphic design and in 2004 she went back to university obtaining a first class honours degree. 


Margaret’s current collection began after she designed a cushion for a friend to fit into her 1970s house. She enjoyed this so much that she hasn't stopped designing patterns since. Margaret takes her inspiration from photography, another passion of hers. This is most obvious in the great variety of flowers and insects which appear in some recent designs. Margaret’s range of florals and geometrics in a muted palette are ideally suited to home décor. Her more simplified and brightly coloured designs are perfect for kitchen accessories and stationery.   

The Process 

Margaret's begins with photographing flowers and leaves, often at a local nursery. Then she selects which flowers/leaves will work best as a pattern and then illustrates them using computer software. Margaret then turns the illustration into a repeating pattern, to which she then adds colour. Each design may have several different colour ways applied to it.


Please do not download any of Margaret's designs and printout for personal use or monetary gain or use the designs on websites / blogs etc without prior permission, many thanks.

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